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Website for those who decided to move to live in the wild. The site discussed in detail two climatic biome: "Taiga" and the Tropics. Habitation and survival in them.

The site has three main sections: Taiga, Society, Uninhabited island, where I write my thoughts, publish report and one encyclopedic section: the Ural Mountains.

You can express their grievances and wishes of the message and send it to my email address. It is listed at the bottom of each page. For me, it is important to every message, your desire and reasonable criticism. And also there is a section for you - For guest, where you can leave your comments.

Perhaps some articles of my site you will not like. I do not want someone to prove anything to argue with someone. So if you disagree with me - I don't care. Maybe I'm wrong in something, but I firmly believe in their thoughts. If you're thinking person, I think I'll find something interesting and exciting in your opinion. Just think everyone can find something to himself. If you don't understand something, then ask questions - happy to answer them. Always ready to communicate.

In their articles, I often use other people's photos, if you are the owner of the photo, if you want I can post a link below the article, or an explanation, but just as easily be replaced by another in case anything happens. Write me on the my e-mail.

Thank you for your attention!

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