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Back to the primitive



Why we need to progress? All of these technological innovations that have overwhelmed the market. Obsolescence of some technologies and transform them into new ones. Today, the store advertised a regular phone, with different functions - it is already out of date tomorrow, and the firm has released a new, already with other functions.The need for these new products certainly questionable. Why do we need progress? The answer is simple - the progress is needed for a certain number of people, owners of corporations, which make profits, is enriched at the expense of the rest of the people - the consumers. Well, what do you think, does the person wants all these things? Can a man live without them? At the time, the Middle Ages people lived or what?

Mankind is trying to come up with more and more comfortable conditions. Ideally, it looks like this: A man sitting on the couch, watching TV, the robot switches the channel, another robot feeding it with a spoon, etc. The man turned to the vegetable, which are no longer able to do or what their own hands.

Generation after generation, people forget all their skills and eventually no longer able to provide themselves will, by analogy with disabilities. Only disabled people are in misery, and then the people themselves will drive yourself into it. This dependence becomes more and more is not curable. The more people sadit themselves to this needle, the harder it will be with her ??to get off. He first started using an electric kettle without insulting, then microwave, food processor and then, and so on. He eventually caught up to his ears in the mire of consumption.

Usually motivated by this desire for comfort such as: "I ??am tired at work and when I get home I not have enough forces to do something. I want to provide maximum comfort" What you can answer this: Where do you work? In the mine the ore you dig? Or unload the wagons? Maybe just change jobs, so as not to tire of it? After all, you work to provide comfort, but if you take the work easier, you do not need "comfort", because you will have more power. In some hobby painting, while others travel the world, from third something else, and you get a hobby - to create a more and more comfortable conditions? These people do not even realize that they are dependent, by analogy with drug addiction. After all, many drug addicts or alcoholics if you ask - Do you consider yourself as such? And what they ask to you? No, of course! And this is only if you are already very last stage, you can recognize it. So it is here, Do you consider yourself addicted to this imposed advertisers comfort? "No, don't think" - they will say. Do not believe me? Ask ! If you bring them good arguments, they still will not help to change their opinion. In the brain including the protective reaction, and it blocking . Because than to understand this - you need to think carefully. This understanding comes with time, but not immediately.

So, to summarize progress. Why humanity needs a progress? But not why. He does not need it. Progress is a by-product of science. I think what do well if he had stopped growing and that energy people spend on something more useful. For example remove debris after this progress, planting cut forests, clean rivers and lakes of the waste. To restore the ecosystem. A lot of work, Oh yea!

Primitivism (Anarcho-primitivism)

Primitivism - a harsh critic of progress. He denies the progress as such. Calls for the abolition of technologies, de-industrialization. The transition from civilization to the primitive forms of life.Certainly primitivism may sound extreme, but I think its very essence is to adopt.

It is not necessary to destroy all that has been invented earlier. Just stop the further progress and, therefore, and new consumption. And all this marketing system.do people at the time Socrates did not live happily? Without those things, which is teeming with the market now?

Oh, come on it!

Just born, grew up, studied and fell in love, married, raised children, and died at the end. These new items anything supernatural, you will not give. You will still die! Sooner or later, as I and everyone else.

If we understand that this is the increasing progress are not really needed us, but he needed only a small number of people receiving great money to fool us - maybe we might be able to stop it. Indeed, demand creates supply!

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