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Guide to the meeting with a bear in the forest


When meeting with a bear in the forest:

1) You can not build around settlements and camps, field crews, groups, tourist groups at rest stops and routes, garbage dumps, landfills, storage of food waste, contributing to the concentration of animals next to the man. This problem can not be solved even burial of organic remains at a considerable depth, as the Bears, having a well-developed sense of smell, easy for them to find and dig up. Food waste is recommended to take out (in the case of the impossibility of their disposal) to a considerable distance from home, a dumping ground must be clearly marked signs, and it should be warned by the locals. If it is impossible to organize a carting their own forces or nearby communities and organizations, food refuse must be disposed of: burn or drown.

2) Do not store food and food supplies in locations easily accessible to loot, such as: in unprotected linen tents, sacks and boxes in the open. Packaging should prevent easy access to content: will best fit for her iron drums of fuel to cut out the bottoms, which are then bolted wire and boxes of sturdy planks, edged metal tape. Keep the food is better in specially equipped warehouse or storage shed, storage best enclose fence of barbed wire, carried out at 10, 70 and 150 cm above the ground, between the first and second series is recommended to let loose spiral, touching the ground. This fence is very reliable guarantee against the penetration of the brown bear beyond. IN NO EVENT SHALL NOT BE LEFT IN THE VICINITY OF HUMAN FOOD HOUSING IN AN ACCESSIBLE TO THE FORM OF WILD ANIMALS! Is a deadly! Clean and free of garbage dumps will save YOUR CAMP TO VISIT THE BROWN BEAR!

3) The presence of the camp dogs are not afraid of the presence of the beast, having vicious reaction will greatly help protect it from the appearance of a brown bear in its immediate vicinity. In no case can not be used to protect bases, camps and bivouacs and decorative indoor dogs. It is best used for protection of brown bears huskies and German shepherds.

4) During the routes are advised to stay mostly open spaces and woodlands, where the approach of the beast can be seen well in advance and take the necessary measures to repel or otherwise protect themselves from possible attacks. Avoid prolonged advance through dense thickets of mountain pines, alder and willow in places possible concentration of bears.

5) UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES SHALL NOT GO NEAR THE remains of the fallen animals, the weight SNULOY FISH and other natural bait, are a significant source of animal food for animals. In particular this applies to MOST OIL BROWN BEAR! REMEMBER! Disturbed BEAR ON MINING IN MOST CASES CONVERTS ATTACK!

6) At the meetings with the brown bear in the first place, showing no panic (field worker and tourist must remember that such a meeting could occur at any time and at any place and be mentally prepared for it) to try to leave unnoticed the beast (without resorting to flight ). It should be remembered that the brown bear has extremely nosy, so his departure should take into account the wind direction. If the brown bear spotted a man and fled, but on the contrary, shows curiosity, you should try to ward off the beast scream voice, a rocket shot into the air. WARNING! BROWN BEAR IF INTERESTED YOU MUST BE PREPARED TO REFLECT ITS POSSIBLE ATTACK.


7) In order to avoid encounters with brown bear desirable while traveling through the taiga and tundra do not use bear tracks. Trails, punched the bear, different from all other trails in that they represent two parallel chains of pits at a distance of 20 cm from each other. Also avoid driving on the banks of rivers and salmon spawning grounds along at dusk and dawn, as well as at night. REMEMBER! NIGHT - TIME BROWN BEAR!

8) If, during the spring of routes in the snow you will encounter on the trail of a brown bear, turn back, or try to bypass the site of the alleged finding of the beast on the open places. Brown Bear does not make long marches through the snow, so met a trail, even old enough is a good indicator of its presence in the immediate vicinity.

9) It should be very carefully monitor the timing of occurrence of brown bears in their dens. If a certain number of individuals are not formed the hibernation after November 15 - it is an alarming sign! Reduce the number of outputs from the camp, in the routes to exercise caution. If these individual bears no zalyagut before December 1, you should notify the authorities of the protection of wildlife.

10) When moving through an area which is inhabited by brown bears, it is not recommended to use the horse as a means of transportation. A number of instances where the presence of horses in the party attracted to them brown bears, and even provoked the attack. If without the use of horses can not do, you should take maximum precautions, such as: the use of dogs to guard the camp, fencing places the long-term grazing horses barbed wire, as indicated in the first paragraph. It is unacceptable to leave the horses to graze freely without human supervision.

11) To reduce the likelihood of an attack on the people of the brown bear in the routes are advised not to go out alone in the land. The possibility of aggressive contact brown bear with a group of people is much lower.

12) The field teams must complete a powerful cartridge rifles caliber over 7mm - 7.62 x 39, 7.62 x 51, 7.62 x53, 8,2 x64, 9h53, as well as hunting or self-loading double-barreled 12-gauge shotguns. In all cases, the preferred semi-automatic weapon, as it allows you to make several consecutive shots.

13) It is necessary to train all members of the field teams and parties owning these types of weapons to teach the rules of fire "at speed" and "offhand".

14) Remember! Shot - the most extreme measure during a meeting with the brown bear. In attacking bear most preferably shoot the shortest distance - no more than five meters, when the chances to miss it minimized. Never shoot the attacker in the head of the beast. Try to keep cool. It will save your life

15) ran away from the catch-up BEAR IS IMPOSSIBLE! Bears reach speeds of 60 or even 70 km / h

16) to attack the beast Do not turn your back! Restraint and composure will save YOUR LIFE!

17) Wounded Bear - one of the few animals that are being shot down, can go to the "guerrilla" action.

18) I ALWAYS bear in what would be a hopeless situation, he is, remains the odds of winning in the game with a MAN.

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