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What does freedom mean to you?

What does freedom mean to you? - Many of you ask this question, but the answer is usually no unambiguous. Many of you care about this issue and are interested in, but to give a specific definition, interpretation of this concept not everyone can. And I care about this issue very much, so I even created a project dedicated to Freedom, and its various manifestations in our world. Duck why is it so difficult to give a definite answer to this question? Why are there so many different opinions on this matter? Because, that this concept really is quite difficult than it seems at first glance. And I dare say most of your opinion, in part true, because Freedom - is much more than what a single, private, subjective opinion. I have long pondered this question, digested the different versions, views, analyzed the various options, and that's how it seems to me, now I can give a specific definition of the answer to the question - what exactly is freedom.

So, let's start with you analyze frankly erroneous understanding of the concept of freedom. False interpretation dictates liberal doctrine, the capitalist-consumer society. Freedom is the ability to do what you want. If I can not afford to do what I want - I am free. This interpretation is entirely set up to ensure that its support was acting as a consumer, so it was, and beckonechno consume different goods and services. This is a marketing ploy Western merchants, in order to get a person, the consumer, the most money.

But what is this interpretation is not correct?

Indeed, at first glance it seems that if I can do that the measure will like, then I am free. This interpretation motivates a person to action, ie, you have to want it. You will be free in that case, if you will act, to do something that you want. And if you do not no what to do, it turns out you are not free at the moment. It turns out to remain free, you have always something to want and get it. But if you have a need for something, then you are dependent on it. So, this interpretation is not that makes a man free - on the contrary, it makes it dependent, ie restrict this freedom. A dependent person can not be free, right?

Let's imagine you addict. I think no one will not have doubts that such a person is addicted. And it is dependent on psychoactive substances, ie drug. So, it depends on this, it is a substance the body requires. So grinding away myself a new dose, the man does what he wants? After all, he really wants to take and use that substance. In the same way an alcoholic waking up in the morning looking for a new way to get money for drink. They are dependent - so not free. These substances inhibit the will of the people and most of their actions carried out for this substance, ie drug becomes the master of the people. So, this definition is not true and they can not define the term freedom.

Then what does freedom mean to you?


Well, first of all, I want to say that - Freedom is liberation. The photo above is a good illustration. Exemption from all addictions, from all that binds man, and maketh it will. That is, you are free only when he managed to break free from any addiction, habit, from any shackles. The ability to do what you want does not make you free, but it makes you such release, from those very desires.

I do not like the definition that gives Wikipedia. In my understanding of freedom is as absolute as a kind of disembodied philosophical framework, which includes a variety of other freedoms. That is, One more freedom as an absolute, includes a little freedom. Freedom from one to the other, from the third - and develops a collective image. Absolute Freedom or Great Freedom - an unattainable ideal for a person, to be pursued, if you wish to be free. I see it as a scale or interest. Where 100% - this is absolute freedom, and all that is less than 100 - there is a way to achieve this greater freedom by the gradual acquisition of small freedoms.

Well, imagine you again the same addict and compare it with non-dependent drug use, ie those who do not consume. It turns out that the second, on what that share interest (figuratively speaking), freer addict. This means that a person does not have this addiction - a little more freely another. This means that every person is free and not free, and at the same time. It is then in what division on the scale on which a percentage. When we say that we are totally free - we dissemble, because we can be free at the point of time of something, usually from a variety of cases, concerns, but what is the share of interest, we somehow remain dependent people. In order to become more free - you have to try to get rid of any of our habits, needs and dependencies.

What are the dependencies?

Depending occur naturally, such as eat, sleep, etc. And depending surplus, ie all the others. For example the same smoking, as it is not natural for human occupation. Or the habit of heating water in an electric kettle (so quickly, I know), instead of a long heating on a stove or fire. Such small dependencies actually darkness. Anyone digging in itself, may find their weight.

Many of you will not like this definition. You say, it turns out that in order to be free - you do not want or what? But then why live at all? Good question, and the right one. Why do we need this freedom? And if you use my interpretation, it would be more accurate to speak - why do we need this absolute freedom? The infinite and all-encompassing. And then people have a sense, people are going to sacrifice, sacrificing their freedoms (small freedoms), for the sake of something, someone. There is a "freedom from" and there is "Freedom for." Of course, if we want unlimited and the maximum possible freedom, then by all means we will strive to get rid of as many dependencies, but this is not always the best option seems to be building their lives. At some point, there is an idea to stop and not to attempt to pass more on this scale to the highest division.

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