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The collapse of capitalism


The collapse of capitalism today is a very important topic in intellectual circles. Why, even the capitalists themselves are already saying that there come those days when there is a long-awaited change in economic structures. What is the socio-economic system, let's look at it to make it clear. In general, it is a term coined by Marx. It is a historical type of society is determined by the mode of production. He identified the socio economic formations characteristic of the European continent: primitive, slave, feudal, capitalist, communist (where socialism - the first stage of communism).

So in the history of mankind, it developed in the framework of the five economic formations. Asian same country, with a particular view of Marx outlined the Asiatic mode of production.

In the days of Marx, socialism, as a phenomenon as an economic development model has evolved, and, in fact was ready, but at the time was dominated by capitalism, which began around the 16th century. Marx, as an analyst, suggested and even proved that capitalism can not exist forever, and sooner or later collapse, burst like a soap bubble. Everything from the capitalist model is based on the constant expansion of markets, scientific and technological progress, innovation. Due to the constant growth of the European population, the people already getting crowded, but rather a European land could not provide all the power, then there was another change in economic structures, with the feudal to the capitalist. Lifted the ban on interest on loans, which prohibited the Catholic Church in general and the Christian system of values. It is with taking the loan interest and the progress was possible, as a way to get the economy out of the crisis.

Then people's minds matured to a new formation, to socialism, but he was able to win only in the 20th century, replacing capitalism. And for that very theory of Marx, the capitalist world would crumble at a time when as a feudal. And the revolution in Russia had planned not as a mere change of government, but as the first stage in the world, the socialist revolution. Russia was then the only spark the flame of the revolution in the world. But the world revolution failed, capitalism has survived, and even won at the end of the 20th century. Which was tenacious, though!

What is the vitality of capitalism? Capitalism, as I wrote above, continues to exist due to the expansion of markets, the increase in demand and consumption. Capitalism is a model of capital accumulation, a single individual. The domination of the bourgeois class, which subjugates the other classes (the petty bourgeoisie, the proletariat, the lumpenproletariat) Ie on the idea of ??capitalism is good, is good only for a single class. Just like communism is good, for a particular class of proletarians - capitalism is good for the bourgeoisie. That is, some exploit others. Some work, others eat ... Capitalism is caused lending rate, ie Some give money in loans to others, and then get that amount even with a percentage, ie make money out of thin air. It turns out if a country has a certain number of goods produced, and there is a certain amount of money. is the equivalent of the entire product. If the product has become more, and therefore has more money (there was a issue, printed in short) So, to get some money, then you need to implement some sort of equivalent of the amount of the item. Under capitalism, the same money becomes a commodity, so they can be changed to give loans, etc. If I that did not produce, then the idea of ??me, and not have to get the money, and if I get the money, just for the services provided by my lender, then I thereby undermining the economy, money is more than the product, there is hyperinflation. So that inflation is not happening, then you need to create the conditions under which goods will become more and more so that I could continue to receive interest on loans, and live off of it (and clover) happily ever after. And what do I care, to the exploited class?

This condition is to expand markets, create new businesses, new elements of the economy produced goods. But few in fact only increase the number of goods, you also need to increase their sales. How to do it? That's right - through advertising. And then, from the 19th century (perhaps earlier) capitalists have begun to increase their markets. About this increase is well, well, with numbers and statistics, written by V. Lenin in "Imperialism, the Highest Stage of Capitalism." He brings the living examples of the advanced capitalist countries of the West.

Approaching the edge of the precipice, at the beginning of the 20th century, capitalism was faced with a serious problem. In the U.S., the Great Depression, the economic crisis, unemployment and hunger. And it's very much offended large oligarchic families, because they really think about what may soon lose all the state that they "honestly earned" over the years. And in 1913 was created the legendary U.S. Federal Reserve. The most influential American bankers have decided to establish a reserve bank, and not subordinate to any one. They managed to create a private bank, which eventually began to occupy the central bank of the country and engage in emission (release) of the dollar. Thus, they were able to maintain the system of division of labor, the expansion of markets, with the refinancing of the system. But what about the fact that in America there was some kind of central bank, is a private office? Yes, like it is or what if their wrappers he would distribute all over the world, thus enormously increasing the market, the possibility of borrowing, and therefore extended the life of capitalism.

Then there was the First World War, which began in 1914. Actually American bankers and deployed it by calling through a variety of political provocation. And now those same dollars printed by the leadership of the new bank already, and they floated, tones, the ocean, in the thick of the war, giving loans to the countries involved in the war.

However, there was still more the October Revolution of 1917. There was once a time when such a change should occur socio-economic system, and it took place, but not everywhere. The world was divided into two camps. The Communist model at the time was something new, so that's never been. Communist Man was a man of the future, was the exploitation of the lower classes of the bourgeoisie and the bourgeoisie in general, as a class, was destroyed (literally). I'm not going to talk about whether it was a good or bad time, except to say that it was timely, it is something that should have happened. Not how much pricked all the excesses of the Bolsheviks, I will say that this period anyway ever had to happen and transform itself from a past experience of previous models.

Eastern bloc countries, as a result, dramatically reduced the tentacles of the capitalists by cutting out at the root. The socialist countries are simply removed the possibility of expansion of capital on its territory is not given the opportunity to expand markets, the expansion of the zones of influence of the West. And they had hoped, creating the Federal Reserve ... And since the mid-70s, the U.S. economy began to experience mild stress. So, just before the collapse of the USSR in 1987, Dow Jones industrial average fell as much as 22.6% (508 points). The event went down in history as "Black Monday." By passing the state, still shaken and other exchanges. The Stock Exchange of Australia soon lost - 41.8% Canada - 22.5%, Hong Kong - 45.8%, UK - 26.4%. "Shit, what do we do?" - Thought cunning, Anglo-Saxon moneybags.

Save these guys could only wonder. And here's to - the miracle was the collapse of the USSR! After that continued expansion of Western capital, the bubble began to swell further, received reinforcements, and all - you can sleep peacefully, happy ending! Of Russian schools have removed all of the hated Marx, with his political economy, and in its place a new subject - economics. All at once become businessmen, business and successful entrepreneurs. These sorts beznesvumany, these sorts Director in his jacket, all these modern, well, where there is up to them!

People began to prepare as qualified consumers. Even the Minister of Education (former) said that the Soviet system of education prepares people-creators, but they need qualified consumers. All right, we need consumers, consumers need the army, that someone cram it all barohlo produced with only one purpose - to get the maximum capitalist profit. That is, again some live well, happily ever after, while others work for them. At the like? Becomes a capitalist! Those most to develop and expand markets, and credit, do not forget we have to take. Here's your grandmother and St. George's Day!

Now what? And now we have a unique moment to be contemporaries of the events - changing economic structure. That is, roughly the capitalist paradigm, as a socio-economic system, as well as a philosophical model - has died. Actually kranty comes to capitalism. According to the economist M.Hazina, a key step was the arrest of Dominique Strauss-Kahn, former head of the IMF (International Monetary Fund). The fact that he represented the position of those who promoted as a new, next out of the crisis, the creation of some new federal reserve system, ie, as if "over the bank." Even more higher organization than the U.S. Federal Reserve. But, as it is not happened, you see, and Strauss-Kahn was forced to go to jail.

Apparently, capitalism as a kind of global economic system, went to their point of bifurcation that to the point at which the gap is already. Most likely capitalism has exhausted itself and is not to further expand the market, the bubble is about to burst, and then what - or who knows tone. In general, the essence is that Marx was right on so much that capitalists fear him for so much that they almost seizures arise from fear. There are different ways to treat Marx, for him, for example, materialism, but, as for capitalism - he has no equal. Even if you still like or be able to extend the swimming capitalism "oceans", sooner or later it will end. Possible to delay, postpone death, but in the end it will be one way. It's as sick as his body is already dead, as such, but he is on artificial prolongation of life. That is, in fact it is dead, but continues to exist with devices - also in this case. Sooner or later the bubble will burst. But the worst thing is not that. The worst thing is that to replace capitalism and socialism, there is not any alternatives, well, just do not come up with more people. And so in front of the unknown and frightening at the same time free from the bondage of capitalist slavery.

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